Case Studies

The range of Conqra Eziyaka concrete foundation products have been tried and tested on hundreds of installations throughout New Zealand.

Here are some recent case studies showing Eziyaka products at work.

The Ultimate Solution To High Water Table Protection

STEP 1: Apply a Conqra Apache free control vapour barrier slip joint sleeve to the subgrade/surface using Thermakraft’s Premium jointing tape. STEP 2: Apply Thermakraft’s Orange Thermathene 300 micron underlay. STEP 3: Apply a second Conqra Apache along with either...

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The versatility of the ‘Conqra Apache’

The Conqra Apache was originally designed to protect and seal where penetrations are made in underfloor underlays, also known as damp-proofing membranes. Typically these occur around plumbing, drainage or electrical penetrations. In the scenario shown, the Apache has been used...

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Apache and Bedford Homes

PROBLEM: Did you notice in the conditions of your building consent how your designer or Engineer has specified the detailing around your plumbing penetrations? ANSWER: Bedford Homes of Auckland did and with duty of care they contacted Conqra’s head office...

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Eziyaka concrete pads provide the solution

Problem/task: A builder was tasked with installing large tanalised poles into 3mtr deep excavations, on a sloping site, up a steep driveway. When the engineer arrived to inspect the excavation holes prior to the poles being installed, he asked the...

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If you have any further questions about the use of application of our products, please contact us.