Eziyaka concrete pads provide the solution


A builder was tasked with installing large tanalised poles into 3mtr deep excavations, on a sloping site, up a steep driveway. When the engineer arrived to inspect the excavation holes prior to the poles being installed, he asked the builder how he was going to place the 100mm of 30mpa concrete he had specified under the poles. The builder replied that he was going to place a bag of pre-mixed concrete down the excavation first. This technique was declined by the engineer.

Eziyaka concrete pads for a steep sloping site - Eziyaka concrete pads provide the solution
Eziyaka concrete pads with installation hook - Eziyaka concrete pads provide the solution

The Solution:

The engineer then instructed the builder to use the Eziyaka pre-cast concrete pad system which is not only Branz appraised, but also has a minimum 7-day curing period and offers a firm base to take the immediate weight of the large tanalised posts. Note: The Eziyaka’s have a minimum crushing strength in the order of 28-30mpa.

Special Note:

You will notice in the picture of the Eziyaka’s sitting on top of the pallet, a galvanised hook. This hook, along with some fencing staples is supplied FREE OF CHARGE as an installation tool. The hook can either be attached to a suitable length of timber using the staples or have a rope tied to 1 end of it, this enables the contractor to lower the Eziyaka’s down into the excavation hole.

These installation hooks are supplied through the merchant that the contractor has used and should arrive with the delivery. Only 1 hook is needed per job lot. This can be overlooked when the pads are supplied at times, so ensure to remind the merchant that you will need one when you place your pad order.