Apache and Bedford Homes

PROBLEM: Did you notice in the conditions of your building consent how your designer or Engineer has specified the detailing around your plumbing penetrations?

ANSWER: Bedford Homes of Auckland did and with duty of care they contacted Conqra’s head office for their nearest local supplier. We visited the site as we were in the area and are glad we did as the feedback from their contractor and the council inspector was positive as always. 

With wetter-than-average weather conditions and higher-than-normal water tables the detailing around services penetrating through the DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) has never been more important. The heat-sealed junction between the base plate and vertical riser of the Apache cannot be duplicated by the archaic method of using tape. 

Please check out some of our other case studies to see the many varied ways contractors and specifiers are using the Conqra Apache in residential and commercial foundations. 

Thank you Bedford Homes for your attention to detail and quality build from the foundations up.

Apache with Bedford Homes - Apache and Bedford Homes