Eziyaka BRANZ Appraisal equates to easier building product compliance

On 11 December 2023, the Building (Building Product Information Requirements) Regulations 2022  will commence. The new regulations require building product manufacturers, wholesalers,  merchants and distributors to provide information about how building products contribute to compliance with the Building Code. 

The Eziyaka pre-cast concrete foundation pads can meet this new requirement through its  BRANZ appraisal certification. A crucial element of the Eziyaka BRANZ appraisal is validating the compressive strength via an appropriate product testing laboratory. This assessment has been carried out by WSP Testing Laboratory since the Eziyaka was first conceived in 1993. Eziyaka would like to acknowledge the continued support of both BRANZ and WSP. 

The process involves taking a core sample of the Eziyaka foundation pad, (refer to attached photo),  that WSP testing laboratory then crushes to determine its compressive strength.  

The foundation pads are tested at 7 and 28-day intervals and typically return results between  28-31 MPa, which far exceeds the Building Code standard of 17.5 MPa. In layman’s terms, they are  “HARD LITTLE BUGGERS!!!” 

This MPa strength provides peace of mind to specifiers, building officials and end users and is a no-brainer in times of volatile wet weather conditions and unexpectedly high water tables. 

For more information such as our PTS (product technical statement), please visit the Eziyaka product page for detailed product info or call us on 0800 266 172.  Eziyaka is proudly New Zealand Made and distributed nationwide through our merchant partner network.

Third party strength testing from WSP testing lab - Eziyaka BRANZ Appraisal equates to easier building product compliance