Eziyaka concrete pads organise a difficult site


Why does a difficult site like this, using large foundation poles, look so organised?

Eziyaka concrete foundation pads at a difficult site - Eziyaka concrete pads organise a difficult site
Eziyaka concrete pads at a difficult site - Eziyaka concrete pads organise a difficult site


The clue is in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo. The stack of concrete disks are known as EZIYAKA PRE-CAST CONCRETE FOUNDATION PADS. The engineer on this site had specified 100mm of concrete under the large poles. As a contractor, there really are only 2 ways of achieving this. 

  1. Try to suspend the poles up off the ground using timber braces at ground level or excavate all the holes and have 2 deliveries of concrete, so you can place wet concrete to 100mm first and allow it to dry and prey the weather holds and your excavations don’t cave in prior to the balance top up of concrete required. 
  2. Place the 7-day cured pre-cast concrete  Eziyaka pad with a 28-31mpa crushing strength and lower it into the foundation holes once the approving authorities have passed their pre-pour inspection. If this is done whilst the excavator is still onsite utilise it, as once the Eziyaka pads are installed, simply lift the large poles in with the digger. The firm base offered up by the Eziyaka enables the builder to manoeuvre the poles and align them accordingly prior to the concrete infill. This removes a lot of stress and the possibility of out-of-line posts that cannot be rectified once the concrete infill has been placed. The cost savings in site management and quality control are extensive. REMEMBER Eziyakas can generally be used under any vertical foundation piles including steel RHSs and portals.